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car paint repairs

Car Body Paint Repairs

Paint and chip repairs shop in London, we serve customers cars across different parts in North West, West, South West, and North London as well. We can match any colour with our latest car paint scheme and even achieve perfect colour match. It might be a full car re-spray, cosmetic paint touch up or, stone chips repair. Whatever the paintwork might be, a high standard sprayer will use latest spraying equipment and tools to deliver high quality car finishing.


A damaged paint layer will allow water to slip through the broken spot and penetrate through the panel causing paint rust and damage if, left untreated. Paint repair process can be cheap if not left to develop car rust. However, shall the repair is ignored, it will be either very expensive to rectify the problem later on. Do not leave body coat non-repaired just, give us a call and even make your way to our shop for a free quote and professional advice. Our trained and experienced staff will help with free advice and free repair estimate as well.


Call our paint shop in London to arrange for a visit and call at our repair shop for a free advice on car paint repairs. Modern car paints are produced in many types to meet the demands for long lasting, environment factors resistant shiny colours. The main ones are solid, metallic, opalescent, and special coat paint.


Solid Paint


Majority of modern cars are offered in a low cost basic solid colour. These cheap colour options are white, red, blue or black. Moreover, in addition to its low cost, the solid paint is applied as a single layer of paint and at a later stage is covered by a lacquer coat or, clear coat to protect the paint layer from stone chips, scratches and the weather factors. Many paint manufacturers now mix an acrylic paint an isocyanate hardening agent to make a kind of coloured adhesive, which frees the car body painter from using a separate lacquer. Solid colours work brightly for a complete single paint layer, inexpensive, have several benefits. For example, minor stone chips can be repaired with a paint touch-up but, must be done by a professional body painter. The downside for the solid paints is the orange peeling effect, similar to the real orange peeling, which shows up on many common solid colours.


Metallic Paint


These type of coatings are in reality solid paint, however, a small quantity of powdered metal is added to the solid paint. Therefore, it is not much more expensive to produce and would make a better choice shall you decide to respray the whole car. Effectively, your car body will benefit from multiple layers of high quality metallic paint, and a high quality lacquer as well. Moreover, the metal particles inside the paint mix will give a better shine to the final paint finish by reflecting the incident light and the multiple coating layer will make the paint more tolerant toward minor scratches than the basic colour paint. The problem of the metallic paint colour is the common difficulty in matching the right colour shade perfectly. However, in our car body shop, we can match the colour shade with the help of our insurance approved paint system and skills acquire over a period of twenty years working with different kind of car paints mixing, spraying, and repairs.