Air filter servicing


Air Filter

Ignition performance is affected if, low quality is used.


Oil Filter

Engine lubrication performance depends on its quality.


Pollen filter

Air freshness and quality inside the cabin.

Fuel filter

Protects various engine parts and ensure perfect ignition rate.

Service light reset and book stamping

Car Servicing

A well maintained and looked after car can help you avoid a bad day or, travel disruption. Every single petrol or, diesel car requires a regular routine check every seven to ten thousand miles depending on the quality of car service parts and brakes. We offer petrol and diesel car servicing including brake pads and discs replacement if, necessary. It is quite important to check for various vital parts of the vehicle to maintain longer engine life span and more miles without expensive repairs recourse to replace expensive worn parts on the engine due to the fact of using cheap bulk oil, or low degraded mechanical parts.

Cross Lane Autos  offers you an exceptional maintenance provision. Moreover, a free thorough car check for various critical component on your vehicle to ensure maximum mile age run without hassle and also to keep the vehicle engine well maintained for maximum life span.

Oil quality

Understanding Oil Basics The challenge in finding the right oil comes when a driver begins to examine the bewildering assortment of oils available on the market. There are different additive packages, viscosities, oils for high- and low-mileage vehicles, extended life and the list goes on and on. The best place to start the selection process is in the owner’s manual. The manual will lay out what types of oil are best for your vehicle given its mileage, the type of driving you do and even ambient temperatures.

How to service your car

In order to have your car servicing done properly, call our shop to book it in. A full regular servicing include but, not limited to, Oil, oil filter, fuel, air, and pollen filter for a diesel car. However, a petrol vehicle requires spark plugs replacement as well but, no fuel filter. The front and rear brake pads and disk should be checked for wearing or damage, in addition. An extra free service is front and rear car lights check and replacement if, required. You have to pay for faulty lamps only.