Cross Lane Autos is now Alma Crash Repairs

Welcome to Alma Crash Repairs Center the car body and paint repairs shop in North London where we are offering extensive range of professional and quality refinish services using only, a high grade paint, quality material and trained car sprayers for doing the bodywork repairs. Finishing and detailing business relies heavily, for success, on only excellence being offered. Therefore, we will repair bumpers, doors, side skirts, bonnets, wings, tailgates, boots, and quarter panels in accordance with certified Thatcham methods and techniques. These accredited repairs are available at cheap and affordable costs.

Accredited repairs are very important for ensuring passengers and driver safety, therefore, to make sure you are dealing with an approved shop, you will have to do the following checklist.

 Make sure you ask different body shops about the types of paint coating they used. Don’t accept to repair if, the paint system is not water based so called, airborne. Water based car painting is the norm while solvent based one is something of the past and illegal to use. We have PPG Nexa Auto colour waterborne paint scheme.

Considered ultra-grade paint coat, it is our policy to keep the price down and offer inexpensive high quality. Moreover, do please check if, the garage does exist as so many on-line brokers are advertising body work repairs in London and outsourcing the jobs to a non-safe and degraded quality body shops. Make your way to the bodywork shop, ask questions, and do make sure it is using water based material and get in contact with our shop. We will be more than willing to help you and answer any question you might have. In addition to our customer service, we will offer a free no obligation quote on any potential job. You will get to know how much it will cost, and how long it will take. We offer free car body repair estimate and you can contact us over the telephone or, visit our shop in Hornsey, London. Detailed map for instruction on how to reach our car shop is in our contact us page.

Plastic bumper repair London Cross lane Autos 02036383478
Plastic bumper repairs and painting. Some damaged or cracked bumpers are not possible to repair. For example, look at the damaged bumper cover above, it is not possible to repair it as it is puncture is large.
Bumper and Wing repair bodywork London
The front bumper cover and the wing are repairable just, have a look on the image above. However, it seems the headlamp bracket is broken, as well. In such a case, either the bracket can be ordered separately or, a new replacement headlight is required.
car dent removal London
Audi A1 massive front damage. This car can be repaired but, major chassis squaring and alignment is required. However, safety is in mind, a repairer system must be consulted to avoid endangering road user life. Stay away from a cheap centre.
Car doors and wing repairs
An American muscle car, there is no doubt an accredited and professional shop only must handle repair this car. There is no cutting corners, only the best repair materials and coating will be used to do the car body repairs on this car.